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Son Ilham Abduyev

Dear website visitors!
To bring into light a website of soil researcher, corresponding member of Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan Republic, Professor Mukhtar Abduyev is very happy event for me as a family member. Scientific labor of my father is delivered to mass readers through modern technology. This site functioning in four languages is one scientific base for both students and future scholars, too. Everyone speaking Russian, Turkish, English languages will be able to use this site effectively. Professor Mukhtar Abduyev had spent a lot of labor for training of young scholars throughout his life. Today a scientific heritage left by him after himself will play a great role in forming of future young scholars with the help of this website. I am sure that the soul of my father will be glad from such action. I will try to do all my utmost efforts that our visitors be able to us this site more effectively. I hope that our assumptions related to this website will be justified and the role of this website will be irreplaceable in successes that you will achieve in the science.

Akif Orujov (Baku)

Hi, I congratulate you for preparation and putting this site for use. Being a young scholar in Soil Study and Agrochemical Institute (28 years ) I will try to use this information in future research works, as well as I am teacher in Soil Study Faculty of Baku State University and I believe that by using this information it will have a positive effect on education of students. Once more I thank you for this work done by you'

Hajer Yahyayeva (Baku)

Very interesting person … Once I was his student, but I never recollected Mukhtar muellim as the truly speaking I had forgotten him. But one happy case has involved me to look through the memoirs. Thanks for those who collected information on this person and have shared it with us. By means of this site you recovered my memoirs on this great scientist. Even I hardly could avoid my tears. I am proud that I was the student of such GREAT SCIENTIST, PERSONALITY.

Orkhan Salimov (Baku)

First of all, good day,
It is very pleasant case that a website dedicated to Prof. Mukhtar Abduyev was opened. I want to thank everybody that made such initiative! I’ll try to use this site. Thank you!. I want to thank you for the book “My Mountains”! This book is a very interesting collection of poems of doctor of agricultural sciences Mukhtar Abduyev. I liked very much a poem from this collection called “I saw, I want, what is the use” and others. I had read a book “My father”, too. You have narrated in book about your generation. Your childhood destiny caused in me a great interest. I had read this book for the first time in 2005. (when I was in 7th class) and that is why your childhood seemed interesting to me. Thank you very much!

Samira Isaeva (Baku)

Good day. I can’t understand one thing. Why no propaganda is carried out about this scholar in some press body (TV, magazine, newspaper). A lot programs are prepared in TV-s about worthless persons but no information is given about such scholars. Articles of Mukhtar muellim are such articles that can make big resonance separately. But from one hand I feel sorry that less number of users of Internet in Azerbaijan means less usage of knowledge of Mukhtar muellim. I have one offer that to prepare big scientific-publicist programs related to Mukhtar muellim. Making known such big scholars is a duty and mission of every Azerbaijani. As myself is researcher the information placed in site will be very useful for me in my scientific work. Particularly manuscripts of Mukhtar muellim helped me very much.

Dr. Javid (Praga)

Frankly speaking an inauguration of your site made me glad. When a man sees a tiny part of his labor in any executed work he becomes very glad. You are a great man, believe in my sincerity. I have been working together with science people for a long time and I can identify people. I evaluate you very much. Simply I want to thank you for everything.

Fizuli Ahmedov (Baku)

First of all, I want to express my deepest gratitude to creators of this site and those who will develop it in future.
It is very interesting. It is a sample of new culture. If we would value our great scholars as a nation and if we can rightly use their creation besides it then we can win.

Rufat Mardanlı (Baku)

I’m a student of 3rd course of Odlar Yurdu University. While I was searching in Google for some theme that was assigned from university I found this site. I had found 90-95% of information that I was looking for from this site. After reading its materials I came to conclusion that he was indeed a great scholar. I want to thank a staff that prepared this site for such nice work.

Fariz Huseynov (USA)

This site became a good chance for me. I had sent about 600 mails for making this site known at university where I study and in other scientific entities. I congratulate You and every Azerbaijani.

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